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SORT. LIST. Found 267 products at Windy City Cannabis - Posen Cresco Labs. CO2 OIL CARTRIDGE. THC 22.52% CBD 42.83% .5G. $60.00 GUMMIES. 255 products CHEW IT GUMMIES. 100mg CBD/10mg GREEN HORNET GUMMIES CO2 DISTILLATE CARTRIDGE. THC 42% CBD 42% .5G. $50.00 · CBD. 126 products thc potency. Min: 0%. Max: 2% CBD. 1:1 Granddaddy Purple. Spherex. DISTILLATE CARTRIDGE .5G. $21.84 · CBD NANO BITES GUMMIES. 271 products CBD. 1:1 ACDC. Select. ELITE DISTILLATE CARTRIDGE. THC 52.88% CBD 38.87% .5G. $56.99 GUMMIES. 100mg CBD/100mg THC 10pk.

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[Question] Is 5mg THC a good edible dosage for a first time? : They are gummy bears, 10mg THC/bear. Would 5mg (half a bear) be a good first dose for her? I want her to have a good experience so she will want to try again later. Or is that too low a dose and she wouldn't feel any effects? Personally, I plan to eat 3+ bears so I don't know how to gauge what a good first dose is.

625 products Platinum Vape. DISTILLATE CARTRIDGE. THC 41.2% CBD 41.2% .5G. $29.00 · CBD. 1:1 Lemon Zkittlez GUMMIES. 200mg CBD/20mg THC.

369 products Aiming to offer the most diverse and exclusive selection of marijuana products; our menu includes various strains of flower, edibles, vaporizers, GUMMIES CBD. 2:1 Balanced. Care By Design. VAPE CARTRIDGE .5G. $46.40. 398 products Care By Design. VAPE CARTRIDGE. THC 3.6% CBD 69.6% .5G. $30.00 Care By Design. CARTRIDGE. THC 6.6% CBD 53.3% .5G. $30.00. 629 products 10:1 Chocolate Chip [10pk] (100mg CBD/10mg THC) GUMMIES. EACH 20:1 Ritual CBD [.5g]. Henry's Original. 4 PACK PRE ROLL .5g. EACH. 11 Oct 2019 ARE YOU A LOOKING FOR RETAIL. If you don't have a Wholesale Account click on Retail. But if your looking to become a Wholesale please  2 Jan 2020 Illinois residents can purchase 30 grams of cannabis flower, 500 .5g $60; OZONE Blue Skittles .5g $60; CRESCO Liquid Live Resin .5g $60; IESO Pack Gummies $29; NG Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar 1 to 1 CBD:THC  THC: 20.49%. $50. Dosidos x THC: 69.13%. $70 Alien Labs x Zookies.5g. HYBRID. THC: 65.05%. $46. TEAM ELITE · Sour Banana Mango Jelly Sauce .5g.

401 products 1:1 Cinnamon [20pk] (100mg CBD/100mg THC) CAMINO GUMMIES Cresco Labs. LIVE RESIN CARTRIDGE. THC 69.78% CBD 2.18% .5G.

High-quality marijuana flower, concentrates, gummmies, CBD and more. .5g Concentrates AMA Select Strains Available. of 10 | $2899mg THC; Sativa Cinnamon Whiskey Gummies Fireball Cannabis GummiesPack of 10 | $26102mg THC