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Hash oil, also known as honey oil or cannabis oil, is an oleoresin obtained by the extraction of Hash oil can contain up to 80% THC, though up to 99% is possible with other methods of extraction. While health issues of the lungs may be  Water-Clear Terpenes and THC Diamonds Potency: up to 99% THC The resulting activated THC oil is flavored with live cannabis terpenes post-processing  19 Sep 2019 Marijuana wax has a high THC concentration that can cause extreme contain 99 percent THC, which is a dangerous level for most people. The shatter we produce is a smooth, glassy, extremely potent cannabis This form of cannabis is seen as the holy grail of potency with 99% purity and little to  The THC level of this strain is found to be around 22%. This was among the 'Top 10 Strains of 2009' list in the High Times. The plant appears to be light-green 

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Lab tested at 21.9% total THC, this bud packs a punch! Cinderella-99 is well known for being a sativa-dominant hybrid that stems from mixture of Jack Herer and Cinderella 88 (Princess). Having such a high THC % makes this strain good for patients looking for a boost in appetite. This batch of Cinderella-99 had a mild citrus and tropical aroma Cinderella 99 Cannabis Strain Information | Leafly

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As fun as it is to take hits from a high THC concentrate, responsible use is imperative. It is far too easy to over-consume THC wax, and you’ll regret it! If you vaporize 1 gram of wax with 90% THC, you are using around 50mg of THC; an amount that should not be used by anyone other than an experienced weed smoker with a high tolerance. Herb - 99.99% THC: THC-A Crystalline | Facebook The world's strongest hash is 99.99% THC. CBD Kristalle 99% 500mg Pure CBD - Dutch Headshop Entdecken Sie reines CBD in Form von Kristallen und erfahren Sie die Wirkung selbst. Sie enthalten 500mg CBD ohne zusätzliches Hanfsamen-Öl. Es handelt sich um reines, natürliches CBD. Aus diesem Grund eignen sich die CBD Kristalle auch für Vaporizer. Pro Schachtel erhalten Sie 500mg reine CBD Kristalle. Die Kristalle sind aus qualitativ hochwertigem und biologisch angebautem Hanf

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6 Mar 2019 It's advertising. Meaning that in some way there IS 99% thc there somewhere. Maybe they mean that they extracted 99% of the thc from the  9190 Followers, 197 Posts. Destigmatizing Cannabis through the Universal Language of Food. 4 Jun 2019 In larger doses, CBD can even counteract THC's psychoactive Isolate is the purest form of naturally occurring CBD, containing it up to 99,9%.